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UK Sangha

Plum Village UK is a charity (legally named The Community of Interbeing UK) which promotes Plum Village style mindfulness practice in the UK.


A wide range of events is organised including meditation retreats, mindfulness days, Dharma training and many other activities.

Plum Village UK is network of people in the United Kingdom who practise Buddhism according to the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thây as we call him, meaning teacher in Vietnamese). Plum Village UK is part of the wider international Sangha of many thousands of practitioners worldwide, all of whom follow Thây’s mindfulness practice and teachings.


As Thây’s teachings have become better known in the UK, so the community of practitioners – the Sangha – has grown, with more activities taking place locally and at national level. Many people from the UK have visited Thây’s residential and monastic retreat centre, Plum Village, near Bergerac in South-West France. Many mindfulness retreats have been organised here in the UK, some of which have been led by Thây and other Dharma teachers. These retreats, and other mindfulness practices around the country, have introduced Thây’s distinctive form of Buddhist practice to increasing numbers of people, many of whom have joined a local Sangha and continued to practise. In addition, Thây’s books have grown in number and circulation, encouraging many newcomers to become involved.

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