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Plum Village UK
Who we are

Plum Village UK is a charity (legally named The Community of Interbeing UK) which promotes Plum Village style mindfulness practice in the UK.


We are a growing network of people in the UK who practise mindfulness and aspire to develop peace and happiness in ourselves and in the world by living according to the teachings on global ethics of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. His teachings, which can be followed by people of all ages and any religion or none, are notable for their emphasis on joy, engagement in the world, and integrating the practice of mindfulness into daily life.

What we do

Plum Village UK organises introductory mindfulness courses and retreats. We support a network of individuals who run mindfulness communities (Sanghas) across the country.

Other local sanghas
Walking in Peace Sangha - Lewes

A weekly meditation meeting in Lewes.

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