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Sangha meeting at Breathing Space, Stanmer

POSTPONED... from 9.45 am.

Stanmer Park

Pebbles Sangha Meeting on Saturday 30th May, Breathing Space, Stanmer Park
(see for more info about Breathing Space.)
We will meet at 9.45 in front of the church in Stanmer Park and at 10am at the latest, we'll walk together to Breathing Space silently (but not too slowly). This is a maximum 10-minute walk.
For the first part of our morning, the willow bower in Breathing space will be our 'meditation hall'. After a comfort and tea break at approx.11.30, we will go for a silent walk and let nature be our teacher. We shall end at 12.15 near Stanmer House. If the weather is fine, there will be a shared picnic lunch in Breathing Space from 12.30 till 1pm.  

The dana for this session will go to Breathing Space and Stanmer Organics. See for more information.
Important to note: Please wrap up warm and be prepared to sit outside. There are chairs in Breathing Space. If you want to sit on the ground then please bring outdoor sitting paraphernalia. We will not be providing tea on this morning, so please bring your own flask of tea if you wish.
There are public toilets in Stanmer Village and there is a compost loo right near Breathing Space.
Please get in touch if you are not able to walk to Breathing Space from Stanmer Village and back or with any questions you may have about the morning. Contact Cornelia on

At the moment, the weather forecast for Saturday 4th is good. If it changes for the worse and we decide to cancel, please check our website for any last-minute updates:


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